Nolan Siegel Racing
13y/o Kart and Race Car Driver
Racing Background

Nolan has been karting for four years and is now moving  into formula cars. In the 2018 season he is racing the SKUSA California Pro Kart Challenge, Challenge of the Americas, ROK Sonoma, and the Simraceway Formula 3 Series at his home track, Sonoma Raceway. 

Below - Simraceway Lola F3 Car
Nolan is doing a few kart race series in the 2018 race season (listed above). This season he has started racing both shifter karts and Tag karts. In Challenge of the Americas Nolan raced in the Junior ROK category; in the ROK Sonoma series he is racing both Junior ROK and Junior ROK Shifter. In SKUSA he races both Junior X30 and S5 (Junior Shifter).

On the left - Challenge of the Americas round 1 Phoenix - Junior ROK

Nolan started racing cars in the 2018 season. He has been racing the Simraceway Formula 3 series at Sonoma Raceway. The F3 series has been a great learning experience and a fantastic introduction to cars.